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For best results, make sure to read our comprehensive migration tutorial.

Migration tutorial

1. Enable Blog Archives and Blog Categories

To ensure our web app reaches all of your blog posts Blog Archives element should be visible on your Weebly blog. This element is usually visible by default on the right side of your blog. If you can't see it, you should:

  1. Go to your Weebly Editor.
  2. Select your blog page if not selected already.
  3. Click on the Blog Archives element on the left menu then drag this element on your blog.
  4. Click Publish when you're done.
  5. Visit your Weebly blog and ensure archives are visible.

Do the same for Blog Categories element if you also wish to move your categories (tags) from Weebly to WordPress.

Blog Archives element should be visible on your Weebly blog
Image 1: Blog Archives element should be visible on your Weebly blog to get the best results when migrating from Weebly

2. Run our web app and check your e-mail

Input your e-mail address and your Weebly blog address here and click Submit. The address should point to a valid Weebly blog that has the Blog Archives visible. After submitting both pieces of data, you'll shortly receive an email. Either informing you that your blog was successfually processed (see Image 2 bellow) or notifying you that no Weebly blog could have been found at the address you provided.

Blog Archives element should be visible on your blog
Image 2: You'll receive an e-mail from us once your blog is processed. Do a right click on both of the links and save the files to your computer.

3. Import your blog content from Weebly to WordPress

If we were able to find a Weebly blog at the address you provided, you'll receive a link pointing to an XML file (also called WXR file) that contains your Weebly blog content in WordPress compatible format. You should then:

  1. Download this XML file by right clicking on the link and choose Save as.
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Go to your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Choose Tools, Import, WordPress.
  5. Click Run Importer, then click Browse button.
  6. Point to the XML file you downloaded from our e-mail and click Upload file and importbutton.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Go to Posts, All Posts and ensure you can see the imported posts.
Import the XML file via WP Admin Panel
Image 3: Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and import the XML file containing your blog content

4. Introduce redirects

If you've a custom domain for your Weebly blog the next step after moving your content to WordPress should be introducing redirects for imported posts so that your visitors don't land on 404 page (meaning the blog posts wasn't found) when they use old links to your posts.

Links (URLs) pointing to your Weebly blog posts come in two flavors. For blog post named "My Blog Posts" from February 2017 they're:


The same post will be accessible via on your new WordPress site. When someone wants to visit this blog post from one of the old links, WordPress should route this request to new link.

Enter redirects. They tell WordPress to take special care of certain links (ie. old Weebly blog posts) and route them to new URLs. Using our web app, you'll receive these redirects as an CSV (Comma Separeted Values) file with the notification e-mail after your blog is successfully processed (see Image 1 above).

Save the CSV file with redirects to your computer then:

  1. Install the following plugins: Simple 301 Redirects and Simple 301 Redirects - Addon - Bulk Uploader .
  2. Download the CSV file containing permalinks with our email (see picture ? above) by doing a right-click then choose Save as.
  3. In your WordPress Admin Panel choose Settings, 301 Bulk Redirects.
  4. Click Browse button and point to the CSV file you downloaded, then click Upload 301s.
  5. In your WordPress Admin Panel choose Settings, Permalinks.
  6. Under Common Settings section choose Day and name option and click Save Changes button bellow.
  7. Old post links from Weebly should now be automatically translated to WordPress post links.
Import redirects from the CSV file using 301 Bulk Redirects plugin
Image 4: Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and import redirects from the CSV file using 301 Bulk Redirects plugin

5. Move images from Weebly to your WordPress installation

In case your blog posts contain any images they'll still be served from Weebly's servers. You should therefore copy them to server that hosts your WordPress site. In order to do that:

  1. Download and install Import external attachments plugin.
  2. Open your WP Admin Panel and go to Media, Import attachments.
  3. Click Import attachments now button and wait until the process is done.
  4. Refresh the page to see if any images remain and run the process again if necessary. Continue doing this until all images are transfered.
  5. Go to Media, Library and check if you can see the transfered images.
Import images using Import external attachments plugin
Image 6: Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and import images from Weebly using Import external attachments plugin

6. Consider our premium web app features

Our free plan is limited to 100 posts per single blog and 5 categories (tags). If your blog has more than that (or you have multiple blogs), you'll be offered two purchase options when receiving your blog content via e-mail (see Image 1 above). These options are:

  • Purchase the remaining blog posts and
  • Purchase the remaining blogs posts in addition to categories (tags) and blog comments.

Click on the appropriate PayPal button to make the purchase. We'll automatically process your blog as soon as we receive your payment. Both options also include redirects. Please see our Pricing table for additional info.

7. Move your domain

Please follow this guide to transfer your domain from Weebly.


We'll migrate 100 posts and 5 categories from your blog for free. If your blog has more posts or you'd also like to move comments and categories (tags), use the appropriate PayPal button inside the notification e-mail you received from us. Prices are set according to the table bellow.



50+ posts


100+ posts


250+ posts


500+ posts


1000+ posts

Plan priceTotal number of posts is "rounded down" to the cheapest plan. If you have 125 posts, your plan is S. $ 9.95 $ 19.95 $ 29.95 $ 39.95 $ 49.95
Additional postsAny additional posts until next plan are $ 0.02. If you have 125 posts you'll be charged $ 20 (for plan 'S') plus $ 0.5 for the remaining posts. + $ 0.02 per post
Categories and commentsThese are half the total posts price. That's $ 10.25 if you have 125 posts. + half the total posts price

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